Sunday, November 15, 2015

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is a medicine made from natural ingredients traditionally. This drug is a prescription based ancestors or have existed since time immemorial. These drugs are still many made or used to treat various diseases. The existence of traditional medicines or often referred to as herbal medicine is still quite high. This herbal medicine is still widely used because it has advantages over drugs from a medical. The drug is made from natural ingredients that are safe to use. Unlike medical drugs that have a risk to your health.

Traditional Medicine

The efficacy of herbal medicine has been proven thousands of years ago. However, for reasons of lack of practical, herbal remedies ultimately less attractive to the public. Moreover, along with increasing physician and health centers always judge a variety of diseases from the medical side, the drugs made from chemicals increasingly popular use.

Many people who depend recovery in modern medicine, which in turn only made the dependence on modern medicine. As more and more taking chemical drugs, then most likely there are several negative effects that the longer it will ruin himself.

Therefore, it is advisable for those who are suffering from the disease to seek alternative medicine, the herbal medicine. Some plants that have efficacy as a medicine is Ginger, Curcuma Roxb xanthorhiza, Clerodendrum calamitosum, Andrographis paniculata Ness, Centella Asiatica, Sonchus arvensis, and Phaleria macrocarpa.

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