Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fennel Benefits for Health

Fennel is one type of herb plants that have efficacy as a medicinal plant in addition to its primary function as one of the herbs that has many benefits other than as a spice in cooking.

Fennel is a plant that fall into one shrub. The spread of this plant was first estimated in the region of the Mediterranean Sea. Plants that have a Latin name "Foeniculum vulgare Mill" has a fairly long lifespan.

General characteristics that can be recognized from the fennel plant:

  • Fennel tree has a height of 50 cm to 2 meters.
  • Having a clump rod structure, where each cluster generally consist of 3-5 rod.
  • Rod has a bluish green color, shape grooved rods, segmented, and potholes. When crushed stem will release a fragrant aroma.
  • Leaf fennel grows up to 40 cm, the position of the leaves each take turns, double compound two with fins narrow, needle shape, tip and base pointed leaves, leaf edges are flat, have a sheath with white, sheath is webbed and uppers have shape like a hat.
  • Fennel flower arrangement shaped compound and consists of 6-40 peduncle, mother peduncle length between 5 to 10 cm long, 2 to 5 mm, yellow petals and grow out from the stem end.
  • Fennel plant has oval-shaped fruit, ribbed and length between 6-10 mm and 3-4 mm wide.
  • Green fruit for the young and dark brown for the pieces that are old (actually a relative of fennel fruit color, this is influenced also of the origin of the fennel plant derived)
  • For the fruit is ripe, it will issue a distinctive aroma, when you taste the fruit of fennel, will feel like camphor.

Some benefits of fennel
In fennel fruit, essential oils contained, the content of which is why fennel fruit has a distinctive aroma. The oil comes from the fruit is often used as a material for triple oil.

Benefits of fennel for body health
Substances contained in fennel fruit can help stimulate the digestive organs work, helped launch a waste of angina, can warm the body, as well as dilute phlegm, helps to increase appetite, insomnia, and launch coming months. Fennel seeds can also be used as an herbal remedy kidney stone crushers. Substances and compounds in the oils of fennel can help shed kidney stones and remove it through the digestive tract.

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