Saturday, February 20, 2016

12 Green Apple Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women and Fetus

Apples into one of the fruits that are very popular and widely consumed by the public. In addition to the taste of savory and sweet, apples are also known for rich nutritional content.

The apple is very practical; can be eaten or made into juice or other snacks. However, to get an overall efficacy of apple, then it is advisable to consume directly with the skin. With notes; apples were washed with clean running water. Apple fruit beneficial to maintain health, beauty, and so forth.

The apple does contain many good nutrients apple red, green, or yellow. But do you know, it turns green apples have special properties.

12 Green Apple Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women and Fetus

When compared to other apples. This is because green apples contain more nutrients than the red or yellow apples. The content of nutrients in apple green is also entirely useful for mothers who are in a period of pregnancy. Therefore, it is excellent for pregnant mothers to consume these green apples. Here's what the benefits of green apple fruit for pregnant women:
1. Preventing DNA Damage
2. Prevent Diabetes Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes)
3. As a Natural Protein Sources
4. Relieve Weary
5. Avoid Asthma
6. Lower Cholesterol
7. Help Overcoming Morning Sickness
8. Help Overcome Digestive Problems
9. Increasing Appetite
10. Preventing Pre-eclampsia
11. Help Reduce Leg Swelling Complaints
12. Helps Fetal Growth and Development Healthy


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