Saturday, February 20, 2016

17 Benefits of Guava for Pregnant Women and Fetus and Health

Guava benefits not only be felt by pregnant women. But also to the fetus inside the womb. Guava is often planted around the yard, so it's very easy to be found. This fruit can be grown in the garden or in the garden properly. Not only sold in traditional markets but guava also has a lot packed in attractive packaging in modern markets. Guava has a good flavour and sweet, especially when it has been cooked. Guava fruit has a lot of goodness in which one of them is to contain more vitamin C than citrus fruit. Vitamin C content of guava is more commonly found in the skin. For those of you who previously liked to peel guava, then you can change that habit from now on.

Besides rich in vitamin C, guava is also rich in iron, calcium, thiamine, magnesium and phosphorus are good for the body. In addition, the guava is not only good for health in general, but also good for pregnant women. Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients and vitamins for the growth of the baby who was in the fetus.

17 Benefits of Guava for Pregnant Women and Fetus and Health

Here are 17 benefits of Guava for Pregnant Women and Fetus and Health

1. Control your blood pressure
2. Keeping the immune system
3. Nice to improve the goodness of the sense of sight
4. Avoiding pregnant women from constipation
5. Reduce stress
6. Rich in folic acid
7. Good for digestion
8. Reduce the risk of cancer
9. Keeping blood sugar in the body

Guava for health benefits
Meanwhile, guava for health benefits is as follows.
1. Preventing premature aging
2. Increase the number of blood
3. Good for digestion
4. Good for eye health
5. for relaxation
6. Anti-tumour and anti-inflammatory
7. Prevent Cancer
8. Healthy skin

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