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Herbal Medicines for Infants Exposed to Flu

Herbal Medicines for Infants Exposed to Flu - Flu and cough is a disease caused by a virus which often strikes people with low immunity power. Especially in the age of the baby is still vulnerable to disease. Usually babies who began to decrease their milk consumption will experience this disease.

Breast milk is the perfect nutrition for infants should be given to infants up to the age of about two years. Decreased immunity baby will simplify flu virus attacked the baby. Flu infants sometimes makes mom feel fear and panic so needed cold medicine to infants in particular. This disease does not actually need to be treated with chemical drugs, because for some time the flu usually will subside by itself.

Herbal Medicines for Infants Exposed to Flu

Herbal Medicines for Infants Exposed to Flu

However to reduce pain when the baby got the flu can be carried out traditional medicine. Cold medicine to a baby that has been proven to be effective include: While still in the period of breastfeeding, it is better to optimize the consumption of breast milk for the baby. ASI will be able to enhance the immune system in the body of the baby.

Additionally give drink lots of water, because water also has many benefits to cure several ailments such as flu. In addition, mothers can use other alternatives, namely honey. Honey is known to have many benefits, especially for health and beauty. However, the use of flu drugs is recommended for infants over the age of one year.

Another way to relieve flu in infants can be done by giving telon warm oil on the baby's body. Meanwhile, to facilitate the baby to breathe with relief, the mother can provide sterile saline can be obtained at a pharmacy. While cold medicine to infants over the age of two years, the mother can use lemon juice mixed with honey is given three times daily routine. The infant cold medicine just need to drink a teaspoon in a drink.

That some of the traditional ways to do the mother when the baby had a cold. The use of traditional medicines is recommended for infants, because chemical drugs actually just give effect to relieve symptoms of the disease without eradicating the virus until it disappears. But when the cold medicines for infants described above is no longer efficacious, and more severe flu, it is still recommended to be taken to the doctor in order to obtain proper treatment.

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