Thursday, August 6, 2015

6 Symptoms of Heart Disease

1. Shortness of Breath
If you experience an unstable breathing or shortness of breath, then you should be wary. Usually, it indicates that you are affected by asthma. However, you need to know that an attack of shortness of breath is also one of the symptoms of heart disease.
The explanation is that if there is heart disease there is sometimes a fluid into the cavity of the lungs, it is very disturbing when the air into the lungs and finally experiencing shortness of breath. If when sleeping or resting, you experience shortness of breath, then you fall into the category of chronic heart disease or advanced.

2. Often dizziness and even fainting
If you often experience dizziness in the head until unconscious, then it is one of the symptoms of heart disease. Generally, people with heart disease experience it. This is a result of work on the weakened heart muscle so that the blood being pumped does not work normally and blood supply to all parts of the body becomes chaotic.

3. Frequent Pain
If you experience pain in certain body parts, usually caused by the supply of blood supply shortage in some parts of the body. Thus, the body has cramps or pain. In addition, pain can also feel every day in the chest. If you experience these symptoms see a doctor immediately.

4. Palpitations
A palpitation is a condition where the heart is often pounding. Symptoms of this one should be wary too. If you feel your heart pounding often for no reason, then you should immediately see a doctor as soon as possible. This symptom is usually accompanied by symptoms of other diseases.

5. Easy Tired and Dizziness
When the body is often weak, there is usually a blood supply to the body that do not work normally. In order not to weaken the performance of your heart, it is advisable to see a doctor regularly and often mild exercise. Avoid bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, opium, smoke or other. Additionally, you are advised to lead a healthy lifestyle by consuming natural ingredients.

6. Indigestion
In one study, it is known that women are twice more likely to experience vomiting, nausea and indigestion for a few months before the heart attack than men. This condition occurs because of blockage of fat in the arteries reduces the blood supply to the heart that normally occur in the chest and sometimes may also appear in the stomach.

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