Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ways to Vaginal Itching Not Repeated

In general it can be said that the itching in the vagina may be an indication that you have been experiencing symptoms of infections or malignancies.

Itching perceived in the female organs is a common condition in children and adults, and tend to be harmless. But if this situation continues up to more than a few days or accompanied by other symptoms, then you should immediately consult a physician.

vaginal itching

To determine the cause of vaginal itching, you can read the article that we publish here.

Now, you will learn about ways that vaginal itch will not recur and interfere with you.

There are ways to prevent the arrival of itching in the vagina or handles if these symptoms appear. In addition to adult women, it also can be taught to children and young women.
  • Avoid using wipes, pads, or panty liner flavourful, well-scented cleanser female organs.
  • To clean the feminine area, just use regular soap and clean water. This is done once a day. Clean it more than once will make the vagina dry.
  • After a bowel movement, clean the anus from front to back, and not vice versa. The use of toilet paper after urinating should also swabbed from the vagina to the anus.
  • Adolescent and adult women are advised to replace the pads as often as needed.
  • Change underwear every day. Trousers of cotton is healthier than synthetic materials such as nylon.
  • Use a condom during intercourse to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse when the vagina is itchy.
  • Although vaginal itch, avoid to scratch.
  • Immediately replace sportswear, mainly swimsuit, immediately after exercise.
  • As much as possible minimizing the use of tight pants or skirts.

Overall, vaginal itching can generally be prevented by maintaining the cleanliness of sex organs. If the itch is sustainable, immediately consult a physician.

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