Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to Treat Stomach Pain with Traditional Techniques

Abdominal pain can be caused by several things. Among them are rising stomach acid, bloating, constipation, and bowel obstruction. In fact, drinking milk can also lead to abdominal pain for those who suffer mag.

However, the most common, abdominal pain is caused by bacteria that enter through food. For example, the bacteria that cause diarrhoea (E. Colli). Diarrheal is a condition where a person experiences frequent bowel movements with fluid. Diarrheal is a type of stomach ailment which is quite dangerous because if not handled properly, then the patient may become dehydrated which leads to death.

When someone is experiencing stomach pain, then it will be difficult to leave the house, because it had to be close to a bathroom. In addition, our body will also feel weak and often abdominal pain sufferers will become dehydrated.

Abdominal pain must be treated immediately, because if too late to treat, it will be fatal. This disease is very dangerous, both for adults and children alike.

The good news, in Indonesia there are many medicinal plants that can be used to treat diarrhoea. Here is information on how to treat diarrhoea by using natural ingredients such as herbs that are widely available around us. In fact, most often used as a spice in cooking.

Almost all parts of the guava plant can be used as a cure for diarrhoea, ranging from leaves to roots.

Way, take 5 pieces of guava leaves and one cut into the roots of guava. Then, wash them clean. Boil all ingredients with 1.5 litters of water. Once cool, strain the cooking water before and Drinks to diarrhoea patients twice a day, i.e. morning and afternoon.

This herb is very effective for treating diarrhoea.

In addition to the drug can be used for thrush and treat lumbago, turns tamarind is also commonly used as an upset stomach. Way, take 3 tamarind pods are ripe, whiting and eucalyptus oil to taste. All the ingredients until finely ground. Then rub on sore stomach.

Hopefully, the information about how to treat stomach pain with traditional techniques above can be beneficial for you.

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