Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Causes of Abdominal Pain Left

Causes of Abdominal Pain Left - Everyone must have experienced stomach ache, but everyone is not necessarily suffered the same cause of abdominal pain. The cause of the difference is determined from the location of the pain. One was sick coming from the left side of the abdomen.

The cause of abdominal pain left are very diverse. Want to know what is causing you to feel stomach pain left?

our left abdomen divided into two, namely the top and bottom. These differences also affect the cause of the pain that you feel. Here are some of the causes of abdominal pain left upper and lower are classified as more serious.

Abdominal Pain Left

Cause of abdominal pain left upper:

Kidney infection.
Kidney stones.
Fecal impaction or hardened feces.
The large intestine is torn.
Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach lining.
Inflammation of the pancreas.
Heart attack.

Cause of abdominal pain left bottom:
Infection or kidney stones.
The large intestine is torn.
Crohn's disease.

Especially in women, abdominal pain left lower part can be caused by:
Ovarian cysts.
The pain of ovulation.
Infection of the fallopian tubes or / and ovaries.
Problems in the cervix.

The above conditions are a serious cause of stomach pain left. But there is also some mild conditions that cause you to feel stomach pain left, either at the top or bottom. Milder conditions such as colds, constipation, menstrual cramps due, food poisoning, or allergies.

Thus the article on Causes of Abdominal Pain Left. For how to solve it, you can read the article entitled How to Cope Left Abdominal Pain in the next post.

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