Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vitamin Contained In Mango

Vitamin Contained in Mango, a follow-up article of previous health article titled "Mango Benefits for Pregnant Women and Her Fetus".

Previously, we have discussed about the nutrients contained in fruit mango and benefits for pregnant women and her fetus. Now, we will discuss about the vitamins contained in fruit mango.

Vitamin A
Mango become one of the fruits rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins needed during pregnancy and nutritional intake of pregnant women were required from the start until the end of the first trimester. Lack of vitamin A would be very dangerous to the health of pregnant women and the fetus will be born. Here are the benefits of vitamin A found in mangoes.

  • Vitamin A is found in mangoes will make a pregnant woman's body becomes more robust. Vitamin A will work together with other nutrients to form immune system takes more in pregnant women.
  • Mango has a rich yellow colour with the carotene content. Carotene substances play a role in pregnancy, especially to prevent disease caused by the body of pregnant women are more susceptible to bacterial infections and germs.
  • Vitamin A in mangoes will also assist the body in maintaining eye health for pregnant women and fetal development.
  • Mango will also assist in the development and growth of the fetus because it contains vitamin A which is quite high.
  • Vitamin A mango also play a role in increasing the growth and health of internal organs in the fetus such as respiratory, neurological and motor nerve development and maintain the development of heart health.
  • Mango benefits for pregnant women deliver vitamin A which is important to keep the development of fetal organs such as the eyes, kidneys, lungs and bones.

Vitamin B6
In addition to the sweet taste and refreshing, mango also turned out to contain vitamin B6. Pregnant women and fetus in the womb of pregnant women in need of healthy foods containing vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 deficiency will cause a higher risk of defects in the fetus. Benefits of vitamin B6 in mango among others are:

  • Mango become a source of vitamin B6, which plays a role to improve cognitive function development in infants. Besides vitamin B6 is also important to keep the nerves of the fetus grow well and normal.
  • Pregnant women need vitamin B6 intake to keep the body healthy, keep your immune system, and helps in the formation of blood cells.
  • Pregnant women who eat a mango from the beginning of the trimester will have a lesser risk of nausea, vomiting and weakness that usually occur in the first trimester.
  • Vitamin B6 in mango fruit is also important to help the production of red blood cells, keeping the baby's developing nervous system and the developing nervous system.
  • Sufficient intake of vitamin B6 will prevent fetal or mental disabilities and disorders of the blood system. One of them can be satisfied with mango benefits for pregnant women this.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C has a very important role for the pregnancy and the fetus in the womb. Vitamin C into one of the antioxidant agents that make up the immune system and to prevent pregnant women from infection of bacteria and germs. Here are some benefits of mangoes are rich in vitamin C.

  • Vitamin C contained in mango fruit became one of the agents is important to resist and attack all substances or free radicals that harm the health of pregnant women and fetuses.
  • Vitamin C is found in mangoes become one of the substances that can prevent the causes of cancer in pregnant women and fetuses. The fetus is getting full intake of vitamin C during pregnancy have a small risk of developing cancer.
  • Mango will encourage the development and function of the central nervous system and cognitive abilities of infants.
  • Health fetuses get the intake of mango becomes higher and form gum health in the womb.
  • Vitamin C in the mango also helps pregnant women so that his body is able to absorb a variety of essential nutrients from other food sources, especially for how to cope with nausea during early pregnancy.
  • Mango encourage pregnant woman's body to be able to absorb the iron that is essential for fetal growth and health during pregnancy.
In the next article, we will discuss the other content of mangoes are beneficial for pregnant women and fetuses, namely Copper Minerals.

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