Monday, December 28, 2015

Mango Benefits for Pregnant Women and Her Fetus

Whether you're enjoying the first trimester of pregnancy? Pregnancy will be the happiest moment for a family. Many things can happen throughout pregnancy until your baby is born into the world. One part of the most frequently discussed namely, a ban on pregnant women to consume some types of fruit. One of them is the mango. But, is it true that it is dangerous for the mango fruit womb or even beneficial? So, let's discuss about the subtleties of truth about this mango fruit.

mango benefits for pregnant women and her fetus

Mango has become a very fresh fruit and usually are found in the dry season. Although several kinds of mango can be found in the rainy season. Fruit with a sweet taste and a very gentle into desire the average of all pregnant women. One is a tradition to eat young mango time of entry into the first trimester, especially one morning sickness occurs. But if all mango safe for all age pregnancy?

Mango contains a variety of nutrients is very important for pregnant women. Below are a variety of very important nutrients of mango per 100 gram serving, according to the amount recommended for pregnant women per day.
  • Vitamin A 1584 IU 3300 IU
  • Vitamin B6 0,228 mg 1,9 mg
  • Vitamin C 57,6 mg 85 mg
  • Calories 60 kcal 300-350 kcal (500 for months to 6 to 9)
  • Protein 1.07 grams 75 grams
  • Magnesium 19 mg 350-400 mg
  • Copper 0,228mg 1 mg
  • Fiber 3.8 mg 25 grams

If you see the mango has a very complete source of nutrition. Mangoes contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calorie and various types of minerals. All types of nutrients have benefits and impacts very good for pregnant women and fetuses. So, let us recognize the benefits of mangoes for pregnant women and fetuses. Here are the benefits of mango based sources of vitamins and nutrients found in them.

Stay tuned for the next article will discuss the vitamin content in mango. (Update: Read about Vitamin Contained in Mango)

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