Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Healthy Diet Using Herbal Medicine

How to Healthy Diet Using Herbal Medicine. In general, women do not want to have a body fat. They will perform a variety of ways as long as the body becomes slim. But not all like that, for example, there are many people who are afraid to take medicine slimming. They are afraid because of side effects. Therefore, this time herbalmedicinalplant01.blogspot.com will discuss about how a healthy diet without the aid of chemical drugs.
How to Healthy Diet Using Herbal Medicine

The herb has been believed since the time of our ancestors. Many of these plants are used for various treatments. However, not only that, it turns out we can also make herb for slimming. So as to mix herbs themselves could accelerate the process of how a natural diet. Some herbs that can be utilized for a diet program is as follows.
1. Spices
2. Morinda Citrifolia
3. Skin Pomegranate White

Perhaps you will reject the above herbal medicine because it tastes bitter. However, for the sake of health and diet program that you do, you must brace yourself for drinking herbal remedies above, for the sake of a diet program that you want.

Foods Menu for Diet
1. Spinach
Spinach is believed to help the process of losing weight in a week's time as much as 5%. This is because spinach contain antioxidants that can improve leptin that will suppress our appetite. We eat enough spinach 3 to 4 bowls within 1 week.

2. Avocado
By eating avocados will also suppress our appetite. Because when you eat an avocado you will be full faster. Besides avocados also helps reduce stress so that the belly fat that has accumulated due to stress can be decreased.

3. Wheat and Olive Oil
Replace all foods such as bread and rice with wheat, because it can remove fat in the body. In addition, replace the oil in your house with olive oil for olive oil less fat and healthier.

Well, it turns out that a healthy diet is not difficult, is not it?

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