Thursday, June 4, 2015

Symptoms of gastric organ

Gastric organ is one part of the digestive organs. If the gastric organ is sick, can lead to decreased appetite and other disease complications arise such as bloating, malnutrition, become weak, dizzy and others.
Several factors can cause gastric disorders:
a. Unhealthy food (contaminated with bacteria and fungi).
b. Irregular eating patterns, eating in a hurry.
c. Excessive consumption of food or deficiency.
d. Stress, the burden of thinking or psychosomatic.
e. Due to the side effects of chemical drugs or drugs.
Symptoms of gastric organ

Gastric disorders can be divided into two kinds:
a. Ulcer
b. Gastroenteritis
Patients with gastritis and stomach ulcers generally have low tensinya characteristic, frequent colds, has a tendency production of stomach acid (HCL) is excessive. One of excess stomach acid is much slem / mucus in the throat, so when coughing, slam / white viscous liquid will come out. Excess HCL can result in the onset of flu symptoms. To diagnosed, we must be careful, because the flu can also be caused by viral disorders.

Excess stomach acid, usually attacking ENT first before attacking the stomach. Consequences:
1. When the throat, strep throat will occur.
2. When on the nose, sinusitis will arise.
3. When the ear, there will be inflammation of the ear and hearing loss.

Gastric disorders usually characterized by body temperature will rise, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and headache.

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