Thursday, June 25, 2015

6 Most Loved Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine more chosen people because they are cheaper and there are no side effects. But basically, alternative treatments cannot be used as a substitute for primary treatment. There are some alternative treatments are most in demand.

Treatment alternatives exist in society today mostly do not yet have strong scientific evidence and mostly based on the experience of the patient alone. Though the scientific evidence to demonstrate the safety, efficacy and quality of a treatment.

This condition makes alternative medicine is generally not recommended by doctors because patients will leave the main treatment works to treat her illness.

This 6 Most Loved Alternative Medicine

1. Acupuncture

Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment of the Chinese state or by inserting a needle into the body. Scientifically proven acupuncture to treat pain and nausea after surgery. Although for the pain, some people still consider it a placebo effect or suggestion only.

Currently, acupuncture has been 'exported' to various countries around the world. In European countries such as the UK, almost half the medical practitioners of acupuncture training to be able to practice these skills in dealing with patients.

2. Cupping

As an alternative therapy, cupping practice or in Arabic called hijamah more and more in demand. This dirty blood sampling techniques can overcome many health problems, especially cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Cupping can be divided into dry cupping and wet cupping. In the wet cupping, dirty blood removed from the artery. Because there are parts that are slashed, it must be done by trained personnel. While only a dry cupping suction to overcome minor complaints such as colds, can be done by anyone.

3. Ceragem

Ceragem therapy is a therapy that uses jade Korea with infrared technology. Infra-red rays can penetrate the body up to 14 cm at certain points so that the body feels warm.

Jade are already hot will be moved to other body parts that have not been hot. This is what makes the circulation of a patient's blood to be smooth. Patients become more restful sleep so had better sleep quality.

4. Gurah

Gurah is one way of traditional treatment to remove mucus from the body using herbal concoctions. In the tradition of citizens Imogiri, Yogyakarta, gurah done by dripping Srigunggu (Clerodendron serratum) leaf extract into the mouth or nostrils, which made the Sinden (singer) to maintain sound quality.

In its development, herbs are used not only Srigunggu (clerodendron serratum) leaves. Some therapists use other types of foliage, even the kitchen spices such as chilli and turmeric.

5. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic commonly used for curative purposes, especially in the case of addiction, where the person cannot stop even after trying a variety of methods.

In addition there are also other benefits, such as weight loss hypnosis, cure memory problems, insomnia, sadness, obsession compulsive disorder, stuttering, self-confidence, shyness, labour, skin problems, public speaking, anxiety, pain, habit disorders, and others. Hypnotic like this is known as hypnotherapy.

6. Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which health care practitioners will treat patients using the principles of the disease can be cured with natural ingredients that might be the cause.

Homeopathic remedies claimed to work together with the immune system and defend itself from disease. This means that homeopathy can stimulate increases the body's resistance to infection, accelerate healing and prevent complications without side effects.

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